Asian Medicos Enterprise is a subsidiary company of Asian Exporters India. As the parent company, it is involved in a wide range of commercial activities such as importing, exporting and in the manufacturing of medical supplies and general consumables. Asian Exporters India is a major merchant exporter, dealing in medical equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, human vaccines, veterinary products and surgical disposables.

This group initially entered into the pharma-market with quality and vital products in the health care trade, of which include:


  • -- Pharma Finished Products
  • -- Hospital Furniture
  • -- Doctor Room Furniture
  • -- Electro-medical Equipments
  • -- Surgical Instruments
  • -- Laboratory Equipments


  • -- Medical Devices
  • -- Electro-surgery
  • -- Diagnostics
  • -- Emergency Devices
  • -- Sterilizers
  • -- Suction Units


Asian Medicos enterprise is a registered company that was established in October 9th, 2008, created with the noble goal in mind to provide quality health care to ailing millions at an affordable cost. Our sole mission is to:


  1. Start on a small scale and eventually expand nationwide and deliver pharma-market goods to door-steps of the poorest in the rural.
  2. To be focused and innovative
  3. Establishing a partnership with our customers to understand, agree and meet their changing requirements
  4. Profit making through efficient service, of which our customers consider to be value for their money.


We have a solid marketing force centered in three (3) different regions of central Africa, handling pharmaceutical drugs, dental products, pathological test kits, reagents and medical equipment.


In addition, we also have an in-house facility to maintain medical equipment with highly trained and qualified Electro-medical and Bio-medical engineers.

Prompt response to our customers regarding queries and general product information, is a service we take pride in. We strive to supply or clients with a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, and create one-stop service center for all hospitals and Medical Centers abroad and in Zambia. 
We at Asian Medicoss share this Mission and Goal together; we are a partner for life.

Mr.Shrikrishna Gupta
President and Chief Executive Officer (Founder)

  • HPCZ

  • CHAZ

  • CDFL

  • Clinton Health Access


  • MOH

  • Red Cross Society